More than just a music workshop, it is a creative journey that empowers you to build a happier and healthier life, note by note.


Our music workshops offer a unique experience that blends the richness of the worlds of music, mindful living, and creative expression. We believe that connection and creativity are at the heart of a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life. 


Through a wide range of activities, we guide you on a path of self-expression, mindfulness, and musical exploration. Activities can include a blend of meditation, breathwork, visualisation, storytelling, journaling, drawing, singing, and playing musical instruments. Each note, each moment, is an opportunity to unlock your potential, deepen your self-knowledge and connect with your inner rhythm. 

In our nurturing atmosphere, you'll find a space that is non-judgmental, and brimming with positivity. Our workshops are designed to be both fun and inspirational, fostering new connections, in an atmosphere of creativity that invites you to let your imagination soar. 


Workshops can be tailored to groups of various sizes, ages and interests. From Music & Mindfulness, to Music & Drawing, from Music Meditation, to Schools Musical Stories, from Care Home Themed Concerts, to Corporate Well-being and Team-Building Events... we want music, creativity and mindful living to reach, inspire and empower all.


Each music workshop is a unique collaboration: carefully crafted to align with the distinct needs and interests of each individual or organisation we work with. In this creative collaboration, we take into account group size, any special considerations or needs, and the particular interests of each group. Our partners can choose the level of interactivity that suits them best, express their preferences for specific activities they would like to explore, and suggest themes they would like the workshop to revolve around.

In essence, our approach is all about creating music workshops that are not only engaging and impactful, but also a perfect fit for the individual aspirations and goals of our partners. 


"I am going to have a smile on my face for the rest of the day!"

Participant of "Well-being Creative Toolkit", one of our music and mindfulness workshop

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