A step into the world of music and imagination, an exploration of the uncharted territories of sound and emotion. 

Blending music, spoken-word and meditation, our performances are a celebration of expression, creativity, human potential and self-discovery. A musical journey that defies convention, we curate events where tradition meets innovation: where classical meets contemporary, where sounds meet words, and where music meets you where you are. 

A musical journey...

Prelude: five minutes pre-performance, we start gently improvising and setting the tone for the event.

Wandering Paths: the main body of the musical performance, with spoken-word interludes that add depth and narrative, connecting the pieces with stories and emotions that inspire the creative mind. 

Epilogue: a final meditative gift of improvised music closes our events - created in the moment, this meditation is a moment to absorb and reflect before we close our musical journey.

"Bright and strong musical personality. (...) An inspiring duo with a unique sound and uplifting energy. Listening to them brings a smile to my face."

Yuri Zhislin - Violinist, violist - Professor at the Royal College of Music and Camerata Tchaikovsky’s Leader and Director

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