About us

Our journeys and our own relationship with the various musical and mindful tools which we are passionate about sharing with the world.

Navigating the professional musician's path is no easy feat. It's a journey that can be marked by fierce competition, the weight of performance anxiety, the ceaseless hours spent honing our craft, and the high-stress crescendos of busy concert schedules.

Throughout our individual journeys, we discovered the vital need for tools to sustain us, not only in our musical pursuits, but in maintaining our physical and psychological well-being. For Inês, this quest led to a deep dive into the realms of meditation and mindfulness, where workshops and training courses became stepping stones towards a life with less anxiety and more equilibrium. For Laura, the avenue of creative expression served as her refuge - ranging from journaling to crafting, she found solace in creativity.

In 2020, something wonderful happened: a professor at the Royal College of Music, where we both studied, saw that our personalities and our interests matched perfectly - as she introduced us, it was “friendship at first sight!” Fast-forward 3 years, and our mission is now to fuse our passions for music, creativity and mindfulness, crafting innovative concerts and transformative workshops that aim to nurture happier and healthier lives through the universal language of music.

Rooted in our professional music performance background from the Royal College of Music, we have then trained extensively as workshop leaders, under the guidance of leading organisations such as the Wigmore Hall. Our expertise extends to diverse audiences, including general audiences (such as museums and corporate events), young people and families, schools and universities, addiction recovery, and dementia care. We hold certifications in first aid and mental health first aid, complemented by additional training in trauma-informed practice, and child and adult safeguarding. Inês is also a certified meditation facilitator, deepening our commitment to holistic well-being, and Laura is a teaching assistant at the Royal College of Music, supporting our commitment to creating rich learning environments.

Our commitment to excellence means that we stay tuned to the latest well-being resources and scientific findings to enrich our workshop designing and delivery. Each of our performances and events are thoughtfully crafted and tailor-made to fit the needs of each partnership, and always aligned with established frameworks such as "5 Ways to Well-being" by the New Economics Foundation (2008), and "Creative Health Quality Framework" by the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance (2023).