Eunoia (n.) a word of Ancient Greek origin, encapsulates the beauty of a harmonious and positive outlook on life,

 marked by receptivity, goodwill, and kindness towards others.

In a fast-paced world that constantly urges us to be better and more productive, and where social media connects us, yet many of us feel lonelier than ever…

… we believe that music is a unique tool to inspire creative expression, nurture mindful living and foster genuine connection: three vital elements for building happier and healthier lives.

Did you know that music can...

Foster connection 

Music engagement can contribute to community cohesion, reduce social exclusion and isolation, and make communities feel safer and stronger. 

(Arts Council England: The Value of Arts and Culture to People and Society, 2014) 

Ease stress and anxiety

Music can ease stress and anxiety, as it can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure. 

(Nordoff and Robbins, 2023)

Boost our mood

Music can boost our mood, and resilience, as it increases serotonin (happiness, calmness) and dopamine (pleasure satisfaction) levels in our body.

(European Society for the cognitive sciences of music, review, 2014)

Inspire self-discovery

Music can inspire self-discovery, as it increases blood flow to regions of the brain in charge of emotions, and therefore providing a door for emotional exploration.

(Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain, 2014)

Our mission...

We are on a mission to share musical, creative and mindful tools to support well-being. 

How can these tools support our well-being? Through inspiring creative expression, exploring the nourishing simplicity of living fully in the present moment, and fostering genuine connection - with the self and with others. 

To achieve this, we crafted two musical experiences: innovative performances and creative workshops.

Blending music, spoken-word and meditation, we curate events where tradition meets innovation: where classical meets contemporary, where sounds meet words, and where music meets you where you are. 

Music & Mindfulness, Music & Drawing, Music Meditation, Schools Musical Stories, Care Home Themed Concerts, Corporate Well-being and Team-Building Events... we want music, creativity and mindful living to reach, inspire and empower all.

What people say...

"Inês and Laura are truly exceptional together. Beautiful, beguiling playing and a deeply heartfelt message and 'manifesto'. A special radiance."

Andy Bush - Emmy-winning composer, producer, instrumentalist, educator, broadcaster

"Infectious joy and genuine compassion. Music is such a powerful tool for recovery. One client told me, "I have never heard anything like that, but it touched my soul and I felt completely connected to it".  Service Users love the music sessions and they take the mindfulness tools they learn on with them in their journeys."

Nicholas Julius - Turning Point Drugs and Alcohol Well-being Service, BOOST Manager

"This was the best morning of the year so far!"

Attendee of a Music Meditation session in the gardens of the Leighton House Museum

"The power of music is exemplified by the way in which Inês and Laura truly engage with their audience - they clearly care as much about the listener as they do about the varied music that they perform."

Robert Speker - Head of Member Lifestyle and Activities Loveday and Co. (specialising in dementia care)

"I have never experienced anything like this. Often, in groups I feel like I can’t connect - and this was the first time I felt I did.”

Participant of "Well-being Creative Toolkit", one of our music and mindfulness workshop

We’ve helped many find stillness and relaxation, boost creativity and imagination, improve connection and sense of community, and dive deep into self-exploration. Get in touch to find out more about our immersive workshops and innovative concerts, and to book your events.